How to Make Personalized Photo Frames

Photographs are great keepsakes but putting them in personalized photo frames gives it an added whimsy and charm. Why not try making one today?

You’ll need:

1 photo frame – preferably with a plain matte surface

Decorative paper or Wasahi tape

Accents of your choice such as ribbons, buttons, seashells, sand, twigs, miniatures, etc. – for inspiration, think what the recipient loves most.

Spreadable glue

Glue gun

Sharp pair of scissors

Option 1 Procedure:

first choose the accents you’ll be using such as buttons or ribbons.

Cover the surface of the photo frame with the decorative paper or Wasahi tape (these are tapes with designs on them).

Using the glue gun, glue on the accents at the corners of the photo frame.

You can also choose to just put the accent at one corner of the photo frame.

Insert the photo…and you’re done!

Option 2 Procedure:

This may be a bit time consuming, but it is definitely worth it!

In this option, you will basically be attaching your accents on the entire photo frame front. Try to not leave any spaces in-between your accents.

If the recipient is a beach lover, you can spread glue all around the front of the frame then sprinkle a good amount of sand. Leave some areas vacant to easily attach those seashells using hot glue. Allow to dry. Attach the seashells and allow to dry. You’re done!

Another great idea would be to use miniatures or other decorations that you normally use when scrapbooking.

Option 3 Procedure:

Make a hanging multiple photo frame set.

Using a 2-inch ribbon. Create a bow at the top.

Attach 2-3 of your decorated frames to the ribbon at equal distance using hot glue.

Allow enough time to dry and you’re done!

Overall, you are only limited by your imagination. Surround the frame with buttons and ribbons if you wish. The take away here is to have fun while creating a personalized photo frame that would tell the recipient you took time with your gift by personally customizing it for him/her.


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