Do It Yourself Inkjet Image Wood Transfer


You’ve always seen some cute wood board wall decorations with cute quotes. Have you ever wondered if you could possibly do it yourself?

Wonder no more! This post aims to provide you with the know how for simple wood transfer of inkjet images. If you are worried that it just might be a waste of time and effort, why not try to experiment using a small piece of wood?

A bit of fair warning that you need to be very patient with this project to achieve the best results.

You’ll need:

An inkjet printer

A piece of cardstock

Mod Podge

Washable glue

Small sponge brush applicator

Wood board – choose the size that would best complement the image you will be transferring

To begin:

Carefully brush the washable glue onto the cardstock to achieve a smooth layer.

Make sure that the washable glue is evenly spread, and the entire cardstock surface is covered.

Set aside to thoroughly dry overnight.

Print the reverse side of your image or quote onto the glue side of the cardstock.

Carefully brush a thin coat of the Mod Podge onto the wood board surface.

Place your cardstock with the image face down onto the wood board while still wet.

Carefully smooth and press the cardstock to make sure that the image has a good contact with the wood. Put a heavy book on top if needed.

Set aside to thoroughly dry overnight. Do not attempt to peek before the time is up.

Soak the wood with the cardstock face down in water to make it soft and very wet.

Gently peel the cardstock off. For best results, gently peel off under running water.

Gently rub the image with your finger tip (no nails please) to remove any paper that has stuck on the wood.

All done! Wasn’t that easy? You now have your very own customized wood transfer design!